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2016 World Junior Championships—
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Junior World Championships in an Olympic year are combined with the non-Olympic senior World Championships. In 2016 for the first time, the Under 23 World Championships will also be combined with this event.

Following selections, Romola Davenport (NSW) had to withdraw from the women's quad scull through injury. She was replaced

The Championships are scheduled to be held 18-24th August 2016.

Australian Team

Men's Quad Scull

Bow: Max Brenner (NSW)
2: Pasha Bevan (NSW)
3: Thomas Barnes (NSW)
Str: Jackson Kench (NSW)
Cch: Lachlan Carter (NSW)

Men's Coxed Four

Bow: Oliver Schwartz (NSW)
2: Lachlan Miles (NSW)
3: Joseph O’Brien (NSW)
Str: Marcus Britt (NSW)
Cox: Lewis Willoughby (NSW)
Cch: Sarah Cook (NSW)

Women's Scull

Harriet Hudson (NSW)
Cch: Donovan Cech (NSW)

Women's Double Scull

Bow: Annika Hoffman (VIC)
Str: Lily Alton Triggs (QLD)
Cch: Ned Draydon (QLD)

Women's Quad Scull

Bow: Skyla Froebel (VIC)
2: Ella Connaghan (NSW)
3: Olivia Bartram (NSW)
Str: Grace Galloway (NSW)
Cch: Judith Ungemarch (NSW)

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