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2016 Under 23 World Championships —
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

In 2016 for the first time, the Under 23 World Championships was combined with the World Junior Championships and the non-Olympic senior World Championships. It was a great success.

The Championships were held between 18-24th August 2016.


Australian selection took place a few weeks after the Nationals in Penrith where most of the team was selected. Further trials were held in June to allow those athletes at American universities could attend.

The US-based Australians selected to the U23 Australian Women’s Eight include Stephanie Williams (Ohio State), Rachel Engel (Ohio State) and Jacinta Edmunds (UC Berkeley) and they will be joined in the crew by Australian-based athletes Katherine Michelmore (MUBC), Fiona Ewing (SUBC), Hedda Cooper (MUBC), Olivia Sibillin (Mercantile), Georgia Wheeler (Swan River) and coxswain Daniella Serra (Toowong).

The Men’s Coxed Four features Henry Youl from Tasmania, who will be joined by four US-based Australians in the form of Sam Hardy (Harvard), Texas Lawton (Northeastern), Jack Cleary (UC Berkeley) and coxswain Louis Copolov (Northeastern).

Harley Moore (QLD) had to withdraw from the men's eight during training through injury and was replaced by Alex Purnell (NSW).

Results - Men

The Championships were held 18-24th August 2016.

Australian team

Men's Quad Scull

Bow: Caleb Antill (ACT)
2: Luke Letcher (ACT)
3: Thomas Schramko (NSW)
Str: Robert Black (NSW)
Cch: Antonio Maurogiovanni (WA)

Men's Coxed Four

Bow: Henry Youl (TAS)
2: Sam Hardy (NSW)
3: Texas Lawton (QLD)
Str: Jack Cleary (WA)
Cox: Louis Copolov (VIC)
Cch: Zoltan Shepherd (QLD)

Men's Eight

Bow: Oliver Smith (QLD)
2: Tom Hunt (VIC)
3: Callum Nott (VIC)
4: Alexander Purnell (NSW)
5: Darcy Wruck (QLD)
6: Nicholas Pettigrew (QLD)
7: Angus Widdicombe (VIC)
Str: Liam Donald (VIC)
Cox: Franc Gourlas (NSW)
Cch: Simon Gadsden (VIC)

Men's Lightweight Quad Scull

Bow: Mitchell Boros (WA)
2: Hugo Berry (VIC)
3: James Kerr (WA)
Str: James Chuter (NSW)
Cch: Jamie Hewlett (WA)

Women's Scull

Cara Grzeskowiak (ACT)
Cch: Vicky Spencer (ACT)

Women's Quad Scull

Bow: Bridget Badenoch (SA)
2: Caitlin Cronin (QLD)
3: Tessa Carty(QLD)
Str: Rowena Meredith (NSW)
Cch: Ben Southwell (QLD)

Women's Eight

Bow: Stephanie Williams (TAS)
2: Rachel Engel (VIC)
3: Katherine Michelmore (VIC)
4: Fiona Ewing (NSW)
5: Jacinta Edmunds (QLD)
6: Hedda Cooper (VIC)
7: Olivia Sibillin (VIC)
Str: Georgia Wheeler (WA)
Cox: Daniella Serra (QLD)
Cch: Annabelle Eaton (VIC)

Women's Lightweight Double Scull

Bow: India McKenzie (VIC)
Str: Alice Arch (VIC)
Cch: Bert Cocu (VIC)

Results - Women

The Championships are scheduled to be held 18-24th August 2016.

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